Classic TWOOL twine 35m


Garden twine to the gardener is as salt and pepper to a cook; we use it all the time but give very little thought to where it has come from.  The UK imports thousands of tonnes of jute and plastic every year from Asia, and with 27 million potential gardeners in the UK, this has a massive environmental footprint.  British wool is still an underused resource in the UK:  Twool grows it well, it is renewable, strong and durable and, as a natural product, it releases nitrogen as it biodegrades.  What’s not to love about that!

Twool twine is strong, it withstands our British weather and is soft and kind to plants making it excellent for traditional garden use.  Twool is also wonderfully versatile, naturally complimenting floristry, crafts and environmentally friendly gift wrapping!

A super sustainable general-purpose garden twine with exceptional strength and longevity, it’s soft to handle and kind to plants and meets the needs of the more increasingly environmentally aware modern gardener.

Perfect for traditional garden use, floristry, crafts and gift wrapping, it’s available in a range of natural colours for you to get creative with!

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Dartmoor Sunset, River Dart, Devon Violet, Dartmeet, Snowy Heather, Wild Dartmoor



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