Contour Fountain Pen – Original


In the past, people consciously express intentions and record information by writing.

Following the development of technology, electronic products take the place, and the tools evolved from necessities to luxuries.

Contour Fountain Pen is a landmark in the contour series. We maintain consistency of clean and neat design – Levelled 90 ° concrete barrel provides an unique interaction to you hand.

When the pen is not in use, concrete body stands upright as sculpture grown from your desk. When in use, the fine nib from Schmidt, Germany gives you smooth, butter-like writing experience.

Never stop creating memories.

Materials: High-density concrete, stainless steel.
Spec: L_138mm ; Ø_14mm ; 45g
Notes: Supplied with SCHMIDT FH452, Germany (Nib) piston converter without ink.

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Additional information

Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 4 cm

22 Studio

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