LAMY Safari UMBRA Fountain Pen


The LAMY Safari UMBRA is a timelessly modern pen in a class of its own. It created a stir during its market launch at the beginning of the eighties with its avant-garde design and its prominent, spring-loaded clip. It also features extraordinary robustness. Additional writing systems and continuously new product colours have made the LAMY Safari a global success and a modern design classic that has established itself as a much sought-after lifestyle product in many countries around the world.

Stainless steel nib: Sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel nib for pleasant and even ink flow. Available in different widths and also as a left-handed variant.

The grip: Ergonomically shaped grip area to enable writing for long periods of time without tiring.

The ink cartridge: Window that shows how much ink is left in the cartridge. With ink cartridge LAMY T 10, can be used with the converter LAMY Z 28.

The casing: Sturdy casing made from ABS plastic available in various colours and lid fitted with an automatic spring-action metal clip that’s chrome plated.

**Please Note: This pen is fitted with a MEDIUM nib.  Extra Fine, Fine, Bold and Left Handed nibs can be special ordered.  Please make a note with your order.

Additional information

Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 3 cm


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