Lazlo – Brass + Aluminium


Lazlo is a pen meticulously designed to value the art of writing with unparalleled satisfaction in your hand. Featuring a patent pending, one-of- a-kind magnetic mechanism, that will elevate your writing experience. Diametrically opposed neodymium magnets rotate bidirectionally to engage and disengage the cartridge to create an unparalleled crisp click. Built to last and shine through generations of pen lovers.

Precision machined in polished brass, its satisfying balanced weight and grip will enable you to reach new heights in writing and drawing. The profile is marginally tapered, forming an elegant form. Included is a Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refill in black, our tried and tested favourite. Lazlo will also fit most popular euro style inserts.

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Makers Cabinet


Polished Brass, Anodised Aluminium

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