Seven Fountain Pen – Dark Grey


We all know, our days are divided into seven.

You and I live in the cycle of “seven days a week”. The number of 7 represents a special digit, particularly associated with luck and circulation.

With the simplest shape, SEVEN series writing tools provide absolutely comfy grip, it’s flat surface of each side appear natural texture of cement. In addition, we engrave one of the seven sides a line of words, which was inspired by the classic yellow pencil and add a bit delicate details on the pens.

Turn the pen when your mind is free. Space out. Let your Lucky SEVEN take you to your dream.

Materials: High-density concrete, stainless steel.
Spec: L_138mm ; Ø_14mm ; 45g
Notes: Supplied with SCHMIDT FH452, Germany (Nib) piston converter without ink.

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Additional information

Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 4 cm

22 Studio

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